Essential Thai Phrases For visting Thailand

By Nam Namwan1, May 14 2019 09:31PM

Without a shadow of a doubt, you will have a more enjoyable time when visiting Thailand if you make at least a basic attempt at a few words and phrases, the locals will really appreciate it. Thai can be complex with five different tones, but it’s best not to worry about those for now and just try your best with the phrases below. Bear in mind that at the end of a polite sentence, Thai men use the polite particle “khrap” whilst women say “ka”. Also, the word for “me/I” is “pom” for a man and “chan” for a woman.

Another thing to remember is that when Thai is transliterated into English, it is rarely pronounced as written, therefore I have included phonetic transliterations in parentheses as well to help you. It is definitely worth downloading some translation apps on your phone to help you if you get stuck. Also bear in mind that the consonants r and l can be fluid and sound very much like one another when a Thai person is speaking.

The key thing is not to be shy and give the phrases a go, you might not get it right first time but the effort will be greatly appreciated!

Hello – Sawasdee Khrap (sa-wat-dee kap)

How are you? - Sabaidee mai (sa-bai-dee my)

What is your name? - Chuu alai khrap (chew a-lai kap)

My name is… - Chuu kawng pom…. (chew kong pom…)

No problem! - Mai bpen rai khrap (my pen rai kap)

Go to the airport please – Bai sanambin khrap (by sa-nam-bin kap)

Eat – gin (prounced with a hard “g”, sounds like kin)

Drink – duum (pronounced with your tongue at the bottom of your mouth and your mouth smiling not puckering)

Smoke a cigarette – Suup buri (soup bull-ee)

I am Italian – Pom bpen kon italien (pom pen kon ita-li-en)

You are very beautiful – Khun suay maak (koon sue-aye mark)

How much? - Tao rai (tau lai?)

Would you like a drink? - Khun yaak duum mai (koon yak doom my)

Where is the toilet? - Hawng nam yoo tii nai khrap (hong nam you tee nye kap)

I prefer ladies with large breasts – Pom chawp puying num yai (pom chorp poo-ying noom yai)

I like older ladies – Pom chawp puying gae (pom chorp poo-ying gair)

I would like two ladies – Ao song puying khrap (ao song poo-ying kap)

Am I handsome to you? - Pom law mai (pom law my)

My hotel is the Hyatt – Rong raem kong pom bpen Hyatt (low-ng lairm kong pom pen Hyatt)

I am hungry – Pom hiu khao (pom hew cow)

I am drunk – Pom mao (pom mao (mao sounds like cow))

I want to go home – Yaak bai glap baan (yak bai ga-barn)

I like Thailand very much – Pom chawp bprathet Thai maak maak (pom chorp ba-tait Thai mark mark)

Would you like to come to my hotel? - Yaak bai rong raerm kong pom mai (yak bai low-ng lairm kong pom my)

Can I meet you tomorrow? - Prungni pom pobgan khun dai mai (pung-nii pom pob-gan koon die my)

Do you have email? - Mii email mai (me email my)

You are a lot of fun – Khun sanuk maak (koon sa-nook mark)

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